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What is Trending Collectibles?


Most collectors agree that existing "price guides" serve little useful purpose because they are based on opinions rather than real sales, and quickly become out of date. Online auction prices can be misleading since most sellers are anonymous and a lot of "off-site" dealing takes place. Other online sales review sites charge hefty fees and then leave the collector to sift through mountains of information. Trending Collectibles offers a specialized annual market review based on information gathered from established, reputable dealers and private collectors –  the best possible means of determining the real market value of any collectible item.


To maintain impartiality and integrity, neither Trending Collectibles nor its sales price contributors receive any compensation for providing the sales information included in the market reviews.


What's next for Trending Collectibles?


Communication and information sharing  are the keys to successful collecting, and the goal of Trending Collectibles is to help collectors – and sellers –  in all areas of collecting, to share and learn from each other. There are plans to add more titles each year and to develop an online members' blog where collectors can compare notes and share information from their own buying and selling experiences. Trending Collectibles is always happy to hear from collectors and sellers with ideas for new reviews. If you are interested in making some money as a Trending Collectibles real price reviewer, send us an email. We are looking for authors and researchers to compile information in many specialist areas of collecting.

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