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We are looking for contributing authors – whether you are a collector, dealer or researcher or if you have any interest in collecting anything. You don't have to be a writer! We need a "few good people" to gather pictures and sales information for use in our 2016 publications. It's as easy as taking a picture, writing a brief description (including the condition) and making a note of the actual selling price.


We'll take care of editing and everything elseand you can make money on every book sold.


Military Aviation is one of the fastest growing and most popular areas of collecting today, which is why it was chosen as the first in this exciting new series of Trending Collectibles publications. Future subjects will include:


• German Uniforms and Headgear of WWI and WWII

• US Uniforms and Headgear of WWI and WWII

• British Uniforms and Headgear of WWI and WWI

• Japanese Uniforms and Headgear

• Arms and Armour

...and that's just for starters. If you'd like to see Trending Collectibles yearly market reviews on any other area of collecting, such as toys, coins, antiques, radios, comics and comic book art, or anything else – and you are willing to help compile the information – send us an email and let's talk about it!

MILITARY AVIATION REVIEW is now available! Click below to order!

$24.95 POST FREE (media Mail - USA only)

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