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There’s an old saying that the true value of any item is “what the buyer will pay and the seller is willing to take.” As such, conventional price guides are not much use to buyers or sellers because they are based on opinions rather than statistics. Even an expert opinion on what something might be worth is just that –  an opinion. 


Online auction prices can be misleading since most sellers are anonymous and  a lot of items are sold “off line” (not to mention unscrupulous sellers who try to fix prices by shill bidding). 


What collectors – and dealers – really need are hard facts from reliable sources. 


Trending Collectibles gathers the most up-to-date  sales information available from established and reputable professionals so that collectors and dealers can get a good sense of values, and how they fluctuate year by year. MILITARY AVIATION REVIEW is the first in a series of MARKET REVIEWS  for collectors of military aviation artifacts.





What collectors are saying about 2015 Military Aviation Review...

"...provides both the enthusiast and collector with a fascinating photo catalogue of historically important aviation items, but more importantly, provides a yard stick as to the state of current prices. Critical information for the avid Collector."

                                                                                  – Brett Taylor (amazon)


"...the approach of capturing actual sale prices, that are very current, so they offer a genuine gauge of the market place. The photos are color and very good quality, so the book also serves as reference..."  – Jon Maguire (author)


"Excellent book, a must read if you collect aviation military..." – Ebay buyer

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